Panoramic Photos

September 8, 2010

This summer, I have been playing around with panoramic images which involve taking anywhere from 3-7 images, although I’m sure you could take more, depending on your scene. I have taken them from downtown Toronto to the middle of nowhere down logging roads in British Columbia.  Prints available for all images.

Taken at the top of the Malahat in B.C.

Centre of the universe

Dundas Square in downtown Toronto.

Dundas square

Toronto skyline.

Cn tower skyline

Found this dam down a logging road close to Sooke, B.C.  This dam used to provide Victoria with 35% of its power, and may still today.


One of our beautiful clear cuts in B.C.  I hope you picked up on the sarcasm.

Jordan River clearcut

This was farther down the logging road near Sooke.  It is a much newer clearcut.

Clear Cut

This was taken at San Joseph Bay at the northern tip of Vancouver Island. It is so beautiful up there.

San Joseph Bay

Victoria Inner Harbour

Victoria Inner Harbour

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    Excellent images Jon!!! … Simply excellent…

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