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Jessica portraits

June 15, 2011


Jessica contacted me about doing some portraits as she has been training at  a gym for the past 4 months. I took her down to Macaulay point, one of my favourite places to go. It over looks the Juan De Fuca straight with the Olympic mountains in the background.  It was her first time there and was really happy with the location I choose.


Jess looking out to the Olympic Mountains


Jessica in B&W

Jess looking out to the Olympic Mountains


Jess down at Macauly point

Jump Ship Part Deux

June 12, 2011

This weekend was amazing. It was Victorias First ever Jump ship. I think this was the first time the riders had rode on a barge, that was floating in the inner harbour. So many talented bike riders in town throwing down some pretty big tricks.These images are from the past two days. Fridays images can be seen here. There was live DJ’s as well preforming some great sets while the riders where competing. Hope you enjoy the images as much I did taking them.


Going for the backflip

A rider does a Can Can.

Backflips were one of the popular tricks to do this weekend.

Spinning a three-sixty

Not sure the name of this trick but he spins his bike in a complete circle.

Another huge backflip

Jump Ship In Victoria

June 10, 2011

This weekend in Victoria continues with the bike festival that started last weekend with the TourDeVictoira and the Bastion Square Grand Prix. This weekend it is the Jump ship event. What they have done is built dirt jumps on a barge and floated it into the inner harbour in Victoria. What a novel idea. Taking any chance to get out and photograph sports, I went on down and spent two hours photographing the event. Two more days to go. I’ll be down there first thing tomorrow. Here are a few shots from tonight.


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This guy did not do so well on this jump #1

This guy did not do so well on this jump #2

This guy did not do so well on this jump #3