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My good friend Laura got married in Ontario at the Scarborough Bluffs and asked if I would like to photograph her wedding.   It was a beautiful summer’s day and not too hot and humid.  Here are some of the photos of the day.  My brother Eric was my second shooter and a few of the images were his.

The dress and shoes

It was a Scottish wedding so we can’t forget the piper.  These photos were taken by Eric.


The the kids were curious and started looking into the box that had the rings.

The groom waiting for the bride to walk into the room.


Close up

The ring

The kiss

The bridal party was super fun.

Bridal Party

Both of the families for the family portrait.

Family portrait

Laura and Andrew

Bride and groomsmen

Releasing the butterflies.

Releasing the butterflies.

Releasing the butterflies.

Kyle and Kara’s Wedding

August 1, 2010

My cousin asked me if I would photograph her wedding and I didn’t hesitate to do it.  She lives in Powell River so it was a nice little road trip up there from Victoria. Kara and her husband Kyle got married on the beach with blue skies and a mountains as a backdrop – a perfect location.

The dress

The sisters before the wedding.

Bride and sisters

Last minute touch-ups.

Kara and her maid of honour Christine

Oh dear, Mom and Dad are getting married


The bridesmaids all ditched their shoes for the wedding and went barefoot.

Bridesmaids' shoes

Father of the bride

Signing the papers

Kara and Kyle Bessette

Kara and Kyle Bessette with their son Hunter

Kara and Kyle Bessette

Kara and Kyle Bessette on the beach

The rings


The outdoor dance floor with the best Poi fire spinners I have ever seen. Quite the show.

The first dance

The outdoor dance floor

Fire spinners

Thanks to Kyle and Kara for letting me photograph their wonderful wedding.