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July 24, 2009

Local Victoria Actor Shaan came to me looking for head-shots. I had photographed him about two months ago for promotional photos for the play that he is in this summer during Victoria’s Fringe Festival. A popular Event for theatre goers. I have photographed a few show’s from last years event and it is always a good time.

Here is One Shot from our shoot on Wednesday.

July 11th wedding

July 14, 2009

Last weekend which was July 11th I assisted/ second shot a wedding with my good Friend Sam. The couple were Geoff and Sarah. It went well. The location was the Sidney pier where they got ready. While Sam was photographing the girls getting ready it was my mission to photograph the men betting ready. We started in their hotel room then went down to the pier to snap off some shot’s until the girls were ready. After we were done at that location we went out to moseys point, a rocky beach that over looked the ocean with a log swing. After there we went up to State and Wine winery were the wedding took place as well as the reception. For more photos check out my website.

More images to come…

Mini Wedding

July 10, 2009

was contacted by Allison through an add I had posted on Kijiji. She was flying in from Toronto for her dads small wedding and asked me to photograph it. I was pleased to. It was a small wedding with 7 people in total. The wedding took place outside on the patio of the Coast Hotel then we walked over to take some family photos by the inner harbor of Victoria. THey were a great family to photograph.

Mile Zero

July 9, 2009

I was down at MIle Zero in Victoria a few weeks back for a beach fire that lasted most of the night. I snapped off a few shot’s of the ocean while the sun was slowing setting in the background behind the clouds. These images are long exposures with a filter over to make my exposures longer. I have only taken my wide angle lens when a few hours later the moon was rising in the far off distance. It was the orangest moon I had ever seen in my life. As well as being so orange it rose so slowly. I have never seen the moon rise that slow. It must have taken 5 hours to slowly rise over the horizon. A sight that was amazing.

Beacon Hill Fun

July 8, 2009

It’s taken a while but I have finally had time to edit some images that I took of some friends while teaching them about how to use off camera flash in Beacon hill park in Victoria B.C. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Here are the images. To see more drop by the website.